Road tripping to Nordkapp, July 2013

One bright morning, actually the morning after the Olympic games in London were declared closed, me and my husband decided to hop in our Trusted Tarmac Lightening and head up north. Way up north. To the northest possible place we could get by car. Nordkapp, Norway. Off we went, at 8 am in the morning with roughly 800 kilometers to get there and another 800 to get back home. We made us some tea, coffee and sarnies to go, because we're cheap-arsed bastards.

Somewhere in northern Finland.

Husband climbing the stairs up and up and up. Karhunpesäkivi, Inari. 13.13 pm.

Still a long way to go, north of Inari, 14.21 pm

Rainy Lakselv, 16.13 pm

Porsanger fjord, 16.15 pm

Watch out for the sheep! north of Lakselv, 16.35 pm

Heading for the mountain side, south of Olderfjord, 17.22 pm

Nordkapp tunnel, Honningsvåg, 18.09 pm

Classic Citroen meet, Nordkapp, 19.08 pm.

Actual northernmost point in mainland Europe, Knivskjellodden, 19.09 pm.

Nordkapp travel centre.

Classic tourist shot number 1.

Classic tourist shot number 2.

I found a friend.

King's View over the Arctic Ocean. Storm moving towards north.

Heading back south. It's so beautiful it hurts, 20.35 pm.

No railings! 20.36 pm.


Back to sea level, Skarvbergvika, 22.07 pm

Speeeeeed! heading into Skarvbergtunnelen, 22.11 .

Norwegians sure know how to build 'em straight, near Alta, 23.10 pm.

Still going straight, near Alta, 23.20 pm.

SHEEEEP! south of Alta, 23.29 pm

Final leg beginning, south of Kautokeino, 01.36 am.

We got two hours of sleep in a store parking lot across the Finnish border and headed for home. We were back home, after about 1600 kilometers, on the next morning at 8.30 am.